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Create a life you love


As a mentor and coach specializing in transformational mindset, somatics and energetics, I'm here to support your journey toward inner alignment so you can live in deep fulfilment and experience:

Increased levels of joy and happiness

A life and career filled with purpose

Soul aligned connections and relationships

Freedom, inner peace and abundance


I've helped leaders, mothers, business owners and executives experience life changing breakthroughs using a unique combination method of mind-body based techniques and energy work.

I am a certified life coach, trained in mindfulness with Dr. Shailla Vaidya (MD MPH CCFP(EM) C-IAYT) and have completed extensive yoga teacher training within the classical lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, under Ante and Felicia Pavlovic. I am also a certified Reiki Master trained within the lineage of Mikao Usui and hold a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, from the University of Toronto. Prior to my path in wellness, I worked as an executive in the corporate world of television and film. 

When you change your inner world, the outer will follow. Are you ready to step into your purpose and live a bold, courageous, soul aligned life?

Liz C 

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- Classpass Review

"I feel so light right now!! Thank you, Liz! Feeling really excited for this week."

- 1:1 coaching client

"Thank you for helping

me get aligned.

I owe you so much!!!!"

- 1:1 coaching client

"Thanks so much for last night, Liz! So many insights. One of the best sessions ever!"

- 1:1 coaching client

Ashley b.jpeg


"Liz is an incredible teacher, healer and guide. Each time I receive a session from her I leave with more clarity. She has an ability to create a safe, supportive container. Liz is who I trust with my big life moments and emotions. She has supported me in connecting to my intuition, and has provided reiki that has allowed me to move through blocks in my life. Liz has a gift that must be experienced." 

Amoye Headshot_edited.jpg


"I highly recommend Liz's programs to anyone ready to step fully into their personal power and leap into higher levels of consciousness, love and success. Her calm and grounding energy soothes your nervous system and her practical wisdom provides the tools you need to live a deeply fulfilling life. Working with her has truly been a top tier experience."

Cathy Headshot.jpg


"Liz's energy healing and mentorship is life changing. She has an embodied wisdom and powerful intuition that is equally grounding and enlightening. Her passion for creating transformative change in peoples lives is contagious. I can't recommend her enough for anyone who is ready for a big breakthrough." 

Masterclass  Flow States + Meditation (1350 × 800 px) (43).png

"I’ve been feeling so great post reiki. Definitely a lot less attached to some anxiety and I’m shocked at the shift in energy in my room with the bed switch. You were so right!!" - Kate M

"Liz Coucean is a gifted healer. Her energy is powerful, transformative, and deeply intuitive. She creates a safe space to break down barriers allowing release of what no longer serves us and she restores energetic balance, opening space for personal growth. I am eternally grateful to the universe for bringing Liz into my life." - Carmen M

"I feel so great. Just generally lighter, and like you said, it's hard to describe.

It's like a general contentment and ease, I really appreciate your energy."

- Rebeckah A

“Liz really knows how to use reiki to relax and balance my energy. I enjoy her sessions and they are helpful especially when I have energy blockages or stress and she always has interesting input about my energy after the session. Liz is also easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. She takes time to discuss any questions I have after our session.” - Mike R


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