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Your inner magnetism and radiance are calling...

Welcome to The Glow Up... a self love amplifier and embodiment coaching program for empowered women ready to level up their confidence, radiance, and magnetism in relationships and career.


The real glow up is internal... and it comes through radical love and acceptance of who you are…

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Take an 8 week dive into a luscious journey of self-love 

Learn how to activate and increase your natural inner radiance.
Improve your magnetism by healing limiting beliefs and subconscious energetic blocks keeping you stuck in the same old patterns.

Find pleasure, ease and joy as you're guided through deep in inner-work. 

Master the art of calling your power and energy back to yourself in an organic, non-manipulative process.

Best of all you'll get an online workbook and access to the recordings so you can dive back in whenever you need.

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Step into this portal and receive...


Elevate your self-concept, not by changing who you are, but by remembering who you've always been 💎


No more outsourcing your power and waiting for your outer world to change.
You are the magnet


Knowing is not enough. Here we drop knowledge from the mind into the body. BEing is the the major 🔑


This program is a match for you if....

You feel rigid and desire to open yourself up to love again, in all forms. 

You are ready to safely let down your guard, soften your edges and tap into your femininity.

You have already done some inner work around the core fears of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and shame, but are ready to take the next step in your personal evolution (whether it's for your dating life, long term relationship, or career path.)

You are tired of being Ms. Independent "I can do it myself". When you glow from within, others naturally want to help and support you.

You're feeling a deep inner urge to tap into your full potential.

Are you ready to receive?

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Confidence is a natural by-product of feeling whole. The less scattered your energy is, the more magnetic you become.

Liz is an incredible teacher, healer and guide. Each time I receive a session from her I leave with more clarity. She has an ability to create a safe, supportive container. Liz is who I trust with my big life moments and emotions. She has supported me in connecting to my intuition, and has provided reiki that has allowed me to move through blocks in my life. Liz has a gift that must be experienced. 

Ashley Brodeur M.A., R.P, CA

Meet your guide...

As a certified Mindset and Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master, I'm here to support your journey toward inner alignment so you can live in deep fulfilment and experience:

Increased levels of joy and happiness

A life and career filled with purpose 

Soul aligned connections and relationships

Freedom, inner peace and abundance


My methods of combining mindset and somatic work are used with clients to improve their nervous system, manage stress, and cultivate internal harmony. I've helped dozens of busy executives and entrepreneurs create deep transformational shifts in their lives and reclaim a sense of ease and joy in mind, body, and spirit.

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The Glow Up

6 x 1.5 hour live calls via Zoom

2 x Energy Healing Sessions

Whatsapp Chat Support 

The Glow Up Workbook

Gene Keys Teachings


Limited 50% off scholarships are available for BIPOC and those in financial need. Please email outlining 1. Why you would like to participate in The Glow Up or The Glow Up VIP program and 2. Outline if you will be able to commit to attending the live calls and participating in group activities.

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