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Service Description

Be a totem of ease and resilience through a strengthened nervous system. Moving through the world from a sense of core stability will provide: Clarity Alignment Momentum Increased Energy Direction toward positive change Bloom is a deep dive into the energetics of your nervous system, combined with practical applications and tools to help recover from fatigue, stress, burnout, or just feeling blah. Flowers, as sensitive and delicate as they may be, are totems of resilience. Bloom explores the art of understanding your own energy system, so we can live with more vitality, ease and strength. This course will explore powerful techniques in mindset re-wiring, somatics, energetics, and meditation in a safe, supported, trauma informed container. This course is seasonally timed to take us into spring, a natural time to rebirth and renew ourselves. The title Bloom was inspired by a new study published in New Phytologist, which talks about the beautiful, and profound things flowers do after suffering an injury. That is: when many flower species get knocked down, they right themselves. The individual flowers on the stalk will rotate back, as best they can, into a position ideal for pollination. Their research also speaks to the message: "life yearns for more." If you're ready for more, this course runs for 8 weeks via zoom. We start on 2/22. There will be recordings for any missed classes. Investment Early bird offer (until Feb 10) is $444 CAD Full rate $555 CAD Please fill out the form below to receive the application link.