Having experienced first hand the need for mental "breaks" while working in various corporate roles, I know just how important it is to take a moment to recharge. Often when we take down time, we spend it on our phones, browsing social media or talking with co-workers. While it may be entertaining in the moment, this doesn't offer us an opportunity to truly clear our heads. In fact, the constant over-stimulation ends up having the opposite effect on our brains, potentially leading to stress, exhaustion, and burnout.


To help counter these effects, I offer guided meditation programs with the busy worker in mind, giving you an opportunity to unplug and feel more clear-headed when carrying on with your day. Programs are customized with techniques that cater to your individual or group needs. Best of all, you can practice in any quiet office or boardroom. Please visit about for more information on my background, or contact me by filling out the form below to receive more information on my corporate meditation and yoga offerings. 


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