NOV 29, 2020:

"True forgiveness is breaking the emotional charge and energetic bond to our painful past, whatever that might be. What you're left with instead is a memory, and a memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom." - Dr. Joe Dispenza    
In this life we will experience betrayal, manipulation, hurt and pain. Social media is packed full of inspirational quotes about love and forgiveness, but intellectual knowledge will continue to keep you on the level of the mind until you can alchemize the energy in the body that is attached to an event or a story. When we move beyond the mind and into our breath and our bodies, stored energy can be transmuted.   
I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be leading a new meditation and subtle energy workshop series where we dive deep into embodiment. This month's theme is forgiveness, where we will practice transitioning from conceptual understanding to embodied experience.   


November 29th is the eve of the upcoming full moon. The moon represents the subconscious mind, the dark yin, and most importantly, our feelings. "As the moon reflects light from the sun, it also illuminates your soul's hidden wisdom." — Ezzie Spencer




$40 - Workshop Rate

$25 - Reduced rate for those who are experiencing financial challenges due to Covid19


Time: 4:00PM EST | 1:00PM PST | 9:00PM GMT

Format: discussion, journaling, guided meditation

Spaces are limited. Please email lizcwellness @ gmail . com to secure your spot.



lizcwellness @ gmail . com

416 - 994 - 7431

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